food delivery business during covid-19

The Corona Virus Can’t Lock Your Restaurant Business Down!

Every business today is suffering heavily due to the corona virus pandemic. With more and more cases emerging to light every day, most countries are facing a lockdown. While this is a terribly sad time, it could also be the right opportunity for you to help your country and make a profit at the same time.

With the help of your own delivery business like the doordash clone app, you can make sure that even during the severe times of lockdown, people will be able to get everything that they need delivered right to their doorstep.

Don’t miss this opportunity. This could be the best option for you to ensure that corona virus cannot hurt your business. Hundreds of entrepreneurs globally are trying to set up their own business with our doordash clone. Don’t be late!

Just get in touch with us now and we can set you up with the best doordash clone app!

DoorDash Clone App Flow

A Systematic Breakdown of the App’s Usability DoorDash Clone App Flow

Complimentary Features to facilitate your

On Demand Food Delivery Business food delivery clone script features

Explore the Intricacies

Of the Doordash Clone

To understand the app better, you must take a look at it from a holistic standpoint. Take a look at the video here which will explain all the nuances and intricacies of the application. This video will take you through the entire app explaining how it works in its entirety.

DoorDash clone app video

What You Get?

Just An Application Won’t Cut It In The Real World. You Will Need A Whole Lot More To Make Sure That Your Business Is Absolutely Successful. This Is Why We Offer You Certain Other Features That Will Help You In Succeeding In Your Food Delivery Business.
  • FREE Source Code FREE Source Code

    Let your app be organic. Modify it whenever you want to without any dependence on us with the Doordash clone source code. Yes, we give you the source code of the app absolutely free.

  • White-Labelling FREE White Labeling of your app

    Your app should have your logo and brand name. This is why we white label the app for you with your brand name, logo and preferred currency and logo.

  • FREE Language and Currency integration FREE Language and Currency integration

    We integrate an additional language and currency on the application for FREE as per your preference to ensure that you can succeed in your business.

doordash clone

Perfect Application for Everyone

This is an app that has been specially made to ensure that everyone can use it. After all, the Doordash clone app should be able to run seamlessly across different platforms. Our teams of skilled professionals have worked relentlessly to ensure that they build a responsive app.

Our Doordash clone script is completely responsive and therefore works perfectly over Android and iOS. It also works well across laptops, tablets, smartphones and any digital assistants. This is an app that is meant for the best possible experience for your users so grab this chance and make it big!

doordash clone script

Top Features In The App That Make It Most Profitable!

When We Make Something For Our Clients, Our Endeavor Is To Ensure That It Is Absolutely Perfect. We Aim At Bringing Maximum Profitability To Our Customers So That They Can Provide The Best Experience To Their Clients With Respect To Using The Doordash Clone App. This is what makes our apps the most profitable app for you. Take a look at the host of features that we offer along with the app that will surely fuel you to the top of the market.
  • GPS navigation in the app GPS navigation in the app

    Let your Delivery drivers find the parcel pickup and delivery location easily with the maps. What’s more, even the Users can know exactly where their food has reached by tracing the map.

  • Cashless transactions Cashless transactions

    Empower your users to pay either using cash or go for cashless options such as Card or Wallet.

  • Restaurant Menu management Restaurant Menu management

    The restaurant can manage their inventory and orders using the application directly. They can use their panel to modify menu items and more.

  • Add to Cart Add to Cart

    The Users can directly add their items of choice directly to the cart and make a payment for it instantly. This works as a perfect ecommerce platform for the app and allows Users to buy their food instantly.

  • Unlimited Users Unlimited Users

    An unlimited number of users can download and use the app. This app is so robust that it can handle as many food orders and user registrations as you bring its way.

  • Unlimited Delivery Drivers Unlimited Delivery Drivers

    Give more and more people the opportunity to register with your app and start offering their services to you. This app is a fantastic solution that has all the features to manage an unlimited number of delivery drivers.

Doordash Clone App Screens And Flow

Take A Keener Look On What Each Screen Of The Application Does And How Does The System Of The Food Clone Script Application Flow Right Here!
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • Service provider details
  • Service Details
  • delivery driver app
  • delivery driver job details
  • delivery driver profile
  • job location
  • slide to end job
  • restaurant owner app
  • restaurant owner job details
  • restaurant owner profile
  • job location
  • slide to end job

Help Videos

See how the major features works in On Demand Food delivery Application. These Videos will help you to have thorough look of each feature.
  • manual booking and job later booking demo Service Management
  • service types demo Work Location and Job Booking Method
  • service category demo Services Type and Invoice Calculation
  • service category demo Provider Verification process & Featured
  • service category demo Payment Flow

Technology Stack

The Magic Behind it All
  • ios
  • java
  • php
  • bootstrap
  • swift
  • android
  • jquery
  • mysql
  • linux
  • Node js
  • Socket Cluster
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